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Becoming myself

Gepostet am 15. September 2016 um 3:50

Up until today, I always felt a bit shy to share very personal things with the public. I held back and "protected" myself.  Since yesterday I feel like "I am coming out" - out of my shell, and am ready to show myself, who I am and what gifts I have fully to everybody who wants to see me.  

I have been doing a lot of meditations and spiritual work this year, particularly inviting the higher aspects like my Higher Self, Christed Self and all aspects and dimensions of myself into my heart space and blending with it.  Embodying with it.  Activating the DNA and getting used to the 5/6th dimensions and realities.

I am still doing the Ascencion course by Sandra Walter from the USA.  I can highly recommend it, it is online and very well structured and of the highest integrity, and helps me to progress in leaps and bounds. 

Plus I am reading "The Convoluted Universe" by Dolores Cannon, USA.  It is a series of 5 books. I have been studying with her when living in Finland about 4 years ago.  She is an amazing woman (recently passed over) and her deep Hypnosis work with clients from all over the world over the past 40 years has given me deep insights into how the Universe works. She does "Past Life Regression" but in a Quantum way, and very unusual stories, nothing to do with "normal" existences here on Earth.  I can highly recommend her books.  It opened up worlds upon worlds for me, and expanded my consciousness of what is possible and what we do here on earth and in this Universe tremendously.

I feel very expanded and at the same time very open to inspiration and to the flow.  Lots of ideas are presently coming to me, and I note them down. It's very exciting times indeed:)

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