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Heart opening

Gepostet am 13. September 2016 um 9:00

I just deleted the previous blogs by mistake, so, it seems, it is time to start with something new!!

Ever since the end of 2015 I am working very intensely on opening my heart, on self-love and compassion.  It's been a long and intensive journey so far, and almost every day I study books, attend seminars or online courses, meditate, pray and practise introspection.  I spend lots of time in nature, which is very healing.  I know that my heart is opening more and more, and that I can hold higher levels of light and love.  

I am well connected with my intuition and creativity, and almost daily I have amazing ideas and sparks of insights, which I all note down in a big note book.  

Right at the beginning of the year it became clear that I am to teach a self-love program next year - or as soon as I am ready - and the note book is filling up with ideas and information.  However, there are still a couple of things I need to learn until I am ready.  One is to hold guided meditations inspired by intuition, the others I keep a secret and surprise!!  It means intensive training for myself, and I am loving this journey:)

Through Life Alignment treatments that I frequently receive by dear colleagues, and also give to myself, I find guidance and personal as well as spiritual growth.  

I now know what my potential and my spiritual mastery is.  So amazing!  I found out through a Life Alignment treatment I gave myself.

So much still to learn and to understand, but so much fun!  

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